SPQ - Seller’s Property Questionnaire

SPQ - Seller’s Property Questionnaire


Note that the SPQ (Seller Property Questionnaire) is not a substitute for the TDS (Transfer Disclosure Statement) but a means for the sellers to provide additional information about the condition of the home.

It is advisable to never waive the SPQ form from real estate transactions as it is protection to both the seller and the buyer.

At BloomFile, we have the seller complete all disclosures required by the State of California, local laws and property built.

We review line by line to make sure the seller has answered all questions.

We verify the seller has provided the explanations necessary to each statements marked as “yes”.

We take responsibility that all disclosures are turned in on time per the contract timelines.

After all, we know that unless it’s a party!! No one in real estate appreciates surprises.